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  • I have been a customer of your services for a year or more and I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed the service, the men have been very good to fix any problem I have had and in doing so they have been very polite and helpful, I am a senior person and I have really enjoyed my computer because of the help I have received from your service. The best money I have ever spent, Thank you for making it possiable to use my computer.

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      Carol P

      Elk River, MN

  • I like the services of fix my computer dude. they give very good explanation what ever we don't know about our computer. Easy to reach always on phone. Its nice service.

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      Natalia R

      Attleboro, Massachusetts

  • Fixmycomputerdude was wonderful, took care of all my needs, I am extremely satisfied, thank you Computer Dude.

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       PAULA G

      Coarsegold, CA

  • I'm very satisfied with the service. The staff is ready to help at any time. Would recommend service if asked

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      Mildred P

      Jacksonville, Florida

  • Fix my computer dude has always been very helpful when I need help with my computer. The personnel are always very pleasant and personable.

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      Virginia P

      Salem, OR

  • I have been using fix my computer Dude for several months and they do a FANTASTIC job. They don't give up until they have the problem solved. Jim Smith

    Customer image

      Jim S

      Lamar, Colorado

  • this company has a very good Working Standard and has been Curtious and efficient about servicing my System.

    Customer image

      Lilo H

      LaPlace, LA

  • Fix My Computer Dude has been help in restoring and fixing my computer. Their help has be invaluable.

    Customer image

      James M. Matthews

      Dallas, TX

  • Fixmycomputerdude from your company helped me to recover my desktop from hacker. Hacker hacked my computer and added a startup password in my windows operating system and corrupted system windows files. Alex step by step ran the recovery process and recovered all my data files and removed all the Malware and virus on my desktop.

    Customer image

      Milind K

      South Grafton,  MA

  • Finally I met a computer company who is competent and puts their customers first. fixmycomputerdude has done a terrific job restoring my computer to it's optimum performance, virus free. I finally got my moneys worth.

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      Shelburne, VT

  • FMCD is a real anti virus full service business. I'm real satisfied w/ there service includes tech. support and a range of services that will keep you up and running. The staff is real qualified and patient with you if you are not to tech. savvy. All the services are real reasonable for being able to help and take care of anything except mechanical breakdown. This a real legit. company!

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      Ken Weckwerth

      Phoenix, Az

  • You guys are the best i will recomende you to anybody. thank you so much fix my computer dude

    Customer image

      Margaret w

      Rockville, Maryland

  • Ever since I have fix my computer dude I had no problem getting in to get access into my account everything is running smooth and if there is any problem as soon as I call Fixmycomputerdude who helped me out so quickly and smoothly many time go out to computer dude specially .. Thank you

    Customer image

      Taikchand p


  • I was hesitant at first about dealing with this company, which I had never heard of, but I went ahead and trusted them and it has made such a difference. After they worked on my computer, I was able to access cites I had been unable to use for many years, and my older computer is now working just as good as when I first bought it. I fully trust this company.

    Customer image

      Nancy L

      Lowell, OR

  • Fix My Computer Dude has been very reliable in fixing problems we have had with our computer. Initially they cleaned up a mess that had slowed our computer down and since then they tune our computer on a monthly basis. We are very satisfied with the service we receive from them. Alex has been very helpful with any of our needs. We appreciate his service.

    Customer image

      Thomas M Daharsh

      Ames, IA

  • Hi my name Regina y is when ever I have issues with my PC or printer connections Fixmycomputerdudes always do the best job ever!!!!! Thank you Fixmycomputerdude for your awesome knowledge and patience you get 5 stars from me I soooo appreciate you very much! Thanks again. . .

    Customer image

      Regina Y

      Decatur, GA

  • I have my computer wiped of the malware on Saturday August 22, 2015 and I liked the dedicated service I received during that activity. I continue by upgrading my computer from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on Monday August 24, and over night I did not find any flaws. On Tuesday August 25, FixMyComputerDude checked out the system and cleaned it for me and i am completely thrilled with the service I receiver.

    Customer image

      Roy B

      Overland Park,  Kansas 

  • I am extremely pleased with the service I received today. Solved my problem with my E-mail. Service representative most helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Thanks

    Customer image

      Joan K

      Tavernier, Florida

  • Just want to say a big thnx to the Dudes! After having a breakdown over loss of client folders, I called them. They had the best solutions for my computer; I am their customer and in fact a very happy customer! They are friendly, offered great advice, and are extremely helpful, efficient and able to communicate effectively to someone who is not technical. We highly, HIGHLY recommend FMCD!

    Customer image

      Smith V

      LaPlace, LA

  • I have enojoyed PC support service from FMCD for over two years now, and can testify to nothing but exceptional service throughout. They are always very accessible, patient, and thorough, and I have never had an issue with my computer on their watch

    Customer image

      Clay S

      Overland Park,  Kansas

  • I had received a call from Fix My Computer Dude and I would say that I have paid a very reasonable amount for the services. I am also very happy with their services and now my computer is working pretty fine. They are friendly, offered great advice, and are extremely helpful, efficient and able to communicate effectively to someone who is not technical. I have gone through the Better Business Bureau and the rating is C…..I was little worried after reading the not so good reviews but then I told them I will speak to my husband and get back to you. So they gave me their Toll free number, so after consulting my husband we took a chance as my computer was acting really weird. So, finally I took a chance and it feels really great after taking services from these Dudes! I got great benefits at competitive price, so I would definitely recommend these guys! Not only so much, but their customer service is also worth appreciating coz they were very patient and understood my problem or my computers problem rather and then they suggested me with the required services. They are just awesome and I feel lucky to benefit the best services from the DUDES at an affordable rates. They told me their headquarters is in Hurst tx but their sales department is in India which is no problem to me and anybody in US I think!! Thanks and keep up the good work…… DUDES lol.

    Customer image

      Mark T

      Davenport, IA

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