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  • Our support team at Fix My Computer Dude consists of dedicated Microsoft Certified technicians and qualified systems engineers with several years experience. Because our first priority is our customers’ satisfaction, our Support Agents are devoted to resolving any and all problems the computer user inevitably confronts.

How it Works

Fix My Computer Dude support team solve all computer issues online; by using a online connection to temporarily take control of the clients’ computer and perform troubleshooting, system fixes as well as system maintenance tasks to resolve all issues. This connection is both temporary and secure. While the Support Agent has full control of the clients’ system, sensitive information cannot be retrieved nor transferred from the clients’ system with the connection. When the work is completed and the session is ended, our Support Agent loses all access to the clients’ system as well as any files and information therein until the next time support is provided.


Requests for support can be completed 24/7, and our support Team is available to resolve all problems 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (EST).