Diagnosis & Repair

Diagnosis & Repair

At Fix My Computer Dude, we provide a full and thorough diagnosis of your computer problems completely free of charge!

1) Call our toll-free number, and let a qualified Support Agent guide you through the initial system diagnosis.

2) Use our free diagnostic scan service, and review the results yourself before contacting a Support Agent.

Setup & installation

Another attractive feature about FMCD Support is that no setup or installation is required. Our service does not require you to run any background software. Often such software, offered by comparable support providers does more harm than good; consuming resources and immensely slowing your system, if not serving some malicious purpose in the way of gathering sensitive information from your system.

The FMCD way is to provide you services as simply, minimally, and effectively as possible. When you need assistance, simply accept a remote connection initiated by a FMCD Support Agent (who will guide you through the process); when the service session is finished, there are no lingering traces anywhere on your system.