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Get help with setup, upgrade, definition update, scans and other Norton Antivirus maintenance tasks; malware, spyware, and virus scans to ensure overall system security on a variety of operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Viruses and other malware are constantly evolving and remain among the most serious computer threats. There is no way to prevent viruses and other kinds of malicious software from attempting to infect your system and compromise its sensitive information, external hard drives and other devices. Norton Antivirus software is among the best defenses against these threats
Fix My Computer Dude support agents understand the importance of covering all bases when it comes to PC security; and have the knowledge and experience necessary to verify the protection capabilities of Norton products are being maximized on your system. Our expertise extends to additional Norton products such as Norton 360, Norton 360 Premier Edition, Norton Family, Norton One, Norton Anti-Theft, and Norton Internet Security, By fine tuning a combination of Norton features with security utilities included in your Windows Operating System, FMCD technicians are able to optimize both security and performance on your machine.

  • Some Common Trend Micro Support Processes:

    – Setup and installation of Norton Antivirus software
    – Upgrade and activate Norton product
    – Update protection definitions to keep security current
    – Diagnose and resolve problems with Norton Antivirus software

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    – Customize security settings according to needs of system
    – Resolve and neutralize detected vulnerabilities and threats
    – Perform complete scans to detect and remove undetected threats
    – Eliminate security redundancies to free resources and improve performance

  • Additional Norton Antivirus Support

    All necessary security concerns will also be customarily tended to as part of the Unlimited Maintenance feature of our FMCD Extended Support Plans, in the course of providing regular PC tune up to improve performance. Call an agent right now for more details. Also ask about our support for Norton business products.

  • FMCD Support Process

    Call now for assistance and our Certified technicians will use a secure, zero risk connection to quickly connect to your system to diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix all problems with your Norton Antivirus

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