• Want to make a career with Fix My Computer Dude?
    Become FMCD’s first technical expert, geek or technically skilled professional of this service industry. FMCD is also considering the inquiries of individuals and groups regarding improvisation about the products and services of FMCD. Individuals who’re willing to contribute their knowledge and skills to serve our customers by investing their time, dedication, expertise are always welcome and given preferences in the first place by Fix My Computer Dude. Career in technical support and working for service industry always demands for people who are having the technical expertise, patience, and dedication to deliver for this industry. FMCD is a known for its computer and technical support services to all kinds of computer fixes, maintenance, and diagnosis and repairs problems. Tech Savvy people and group of experts and technical geeks are influencing to its businesses from 2010 tremendously at much rapid pace. As a result our team of certified technical experts at FMCD is becoming more accurate and precise now in delivering the services to our customers very quickly and efficiently. To pursue careers with FMCD as technical customer support representative is always a privilege that an individual can experience by working with team of expert technicians and could see the route towards a successful growth. FMCD’s growth hierarchy is always been fundamental in pioneering individual and organizational growth simultaneously.

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    Our Benefits

    Every individual at FMCD is motivated and out-of-the-box thinker. We inspire and encourage every individuals those who are willing to try new things and are with us because they are passionate about what they do. So their motivation and efforts they put in achieving organizational goals to achieve the customer satisfactions also benefits them at individual level too. These are dedicated people of FMCD for giving the customer support services so it’s very important for us to consider and appreciate each individual or group effort in improving the quality of our services for customers and clients that are associated with FMCD.

    These individuals not only go above and beyond in achieving organizational goals but they also work out effective plan of action to bring about desired results for FMCD.
    At FMCD every individual has given the leverage of knowledge that they are seeking for, the trainings sessions that they are willing to attend, the skills that they wanted to brush up on, technical assistance which they need for testing their technical knowledge practically, getting mastery over technical terms and process and so on. By providing such career platform at FMCD every individual becomes self-motivated individual that benefits him throughout his career at FMCD. It is really important to nurture such people or resources, who are good-humored, optimistic, and make work fun. Their level of enthusiasm sets an example for their other subordinates which create wide scope for the opportunities to grow within the organization in their career path.

    Career Opportunities

    “Every opportunity is important if you can’t create one seize one”.
    With us every individual have the ample amount of opportunities to work on goals that are ultimately benefits you as well as the organization in one way or the other at FMCD. By moving in one direction or path that has a definite goal and the path which defines, decides, and recognizes your efforts, your passion, and make you successful altogether is the opportunity that we liberate to every single individual who’s ready to seize it. Because, achievers never overlook the opportunities they look and seize it. FMCD is having no limits in providing all round support to its contributors and workforce or individual resources regarding technical trainings, skill enhancements that eventually going to be add on to each and every entity as a technical support executive that entity becomes asset to our organization. FMCD always believe in giving and creating opportunities for the employees. Be it a technical or non-technical staff. Even non- technical staff is also equally important for us for working out the duties and responsibilities towards the customers.

    FMCD opens opportunities for all those who can individually work for us as a customer relation management staff, technical expert group, customer service representative, mentor or trainer, call monitoring supervisor, administrative staff, team leaders, managers, quality control supervisor and so on. Grab these opportunities and be a part of the organization and grow with Fix My Computer Dude. We’re providing opportunities to all not only for their individual growth but also to grow along with organization.