Fix Computer Errors without Compromising Sensitive Data

Notorious former NSA systems analyst-turned-whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has found employment. After revealing to British media outlet, The Guardian, an account of concerning tactics being employed by the National Security Agency to collect swathes of data, tantamount to digital footprints of citizens of the U.S and elsewhere, Snowden has found employment as a Tech Support rep for a Russian website. This poignantly frames for us the question: How can we be sure our sensitive information is not compromised when we entrust our data to a technical support agent to apply various fixes and maintenance operations?
It turns out in many cases we cannot be certain. In cases where we grant an agent full physical control of our machines, for instance in the event of a visit from an on-site technician or a drop off and pick up repair service, there is always a possibility, however slight, of our data being extracted from its resident hard drive and saved elsewhere for future non-complicit access. However, regardless of the nature of the support provided; whether it be to fix a frustrating computer error in a program, clean registry riddled with debilitating errors, or otherwise, there is a support option for which the user can maintain peace of mind.

Tech Support companies, like Fix My Computer Dude, which provide IT support via temporary online desktop connection virtually eliminate the risk of sensitive information being collected from one’s machine while registry or other PC errors are being diagnosed and resolved. The nature of such connections is such that data cannot be transmitted without the user’s discretion, and the access to the user’s computer lasts only so long as the present connection session endures. Upon disconnecting, there is no trace left behind on the user’s machine.

The additional fact that nearly all computer errors can be resolved online (as they are not hardware-related) also makes support plans which use online desktop connection, such as that utilized by Fix My Computer Dude and others, an increasingly appealing option in this these days of cyber scare.