Computer Repairs in the Fast-Paced Information Age

Seeking a suitable technical support agent to carry out your system file recovery, or increase your PC speed, can be cumbersome enough to justify trudging along at your PC’s current speed (files unrecovered). Often PC fixes involve scheduling an on-site repair, or coordinating to drop off and pick up your PC at some local Tech shop. But these methods place undue burdens on those already burdened by a dysfunctional machine, and additionally require unnecessary lag-time between now and when their PC’s will actually be fixed. In truth the vast majority of all PC fixes— from recovery after an operating system crash, file recovery, or network diagnostics, to much needed speed increases and beyond— can be taken care of by an off-site Support Professional providing online PC repair.

The agents at Fix My Computer Dude pride themselves on a capability to provide all necessary support now. Initiated by a simple phone call placed by the PC-user-in-need, FMCD technicians use a secure temporary online connection to diagnose and quickly resolve all performance issues with minimal inconvenience. After placing the initial phone call, the support recipient need not even be present; all fixes will be applied, the system shut down, and the agent on call to verify the user’s satisfaction. FMCD Techs are well acquainted with nearly all third-party software, and several operating systems from Windows XP to the more modern Windows 8.1. Where performance is lacking FMCD has the answer.

Obviously this niche fulfillment would be incomplete without customizable support options. Fix My Computer Dude has a commitment-free “I Time Fix” option, in addition to their unlimited 6 month, 1 year, and 2 year extended support and maintenance options; as well as multi-device options for businesses and more. Owing to its simplicity, convenience and quality, Fix My Computer Dude ranks among the best options for PC tech support in the industry to date.