Basic Computer Repair Instruction By Fix my Computer Dude

  • Fix My Computer Dude is among the top listed online tech support companies. However, due to increase in E-crime a large number of genuine customers are losing faith in such services. This certainly isn’t fair on the part of companies like Fix MY Computer Dude, who are truly working hard to change the face of this industry by providing an error-free service.

    However, we are grateful to are reliable customers who have shown faith in us and have always trusted us and allowed us to offer you the best of our service. We could successfully complete 5years in this online tech support service industry.

Over the years we have receive numerous reviews and testimonials from our satisfied customers, for our impeccable and unmatched service has helped us to work dedicatedly for the betterment of our proud customers.

We are not just proud online computer repair and maintenance service provider, but believe in educating our customers to help themselves in rush-hours. At times it may not be possible for our customer to always be able to accesses to us therefore; we have build this little checklist. I have managed to list as many of them as I you can easily take care of as much of your livelihood depends on your smooth technology functioning I suggest you consider doing the same at regular intervals.

Our basic computer maintenance and repair guide guideline list includes;

    • Install a UPS/Surge protector to avoid ill-effects of sudden power strip
    • Make use of Register software products for your PC
    • Schedule automated updates
    • Carefully read the maintenance section of your manual and follow it.
    • Install anti-virus software and regularly scan and update it.
    • Install anti-advertising software
    • Run a disk scan to check if there is any hard drive issues
    • Run a defragmentation program
    • Clear all the unwanted or temporary files created in your computer
    • Take Back-up of all your necessary files to a other location
    • Empty your recycle bin
    • Delete all the cookies and internet files
    • Regularly clear your browsing history
    • Update your anti-virus, whenever you get notifications
    • Make sure you are running a full virus scan
    • Check if there is any software that needs to be updated.
    • Delete/uninstall unwanted or idle programs
    • Regularly clean your keyboard

  • Clean your monitor carefully to any kind of interruptions.
  • Keep all your hardware clean and place your computer in a cool and dry place.
  • Rebuild your desktop
  • Change all your passwords at certain intervals to avoid hacking.
  • Renew your software and anti-virus whenever you receive any of the notification.

To help you with our timely Online Tech Support Service that are is included in the plans. We may call you to deliver additional information or to ask you to perform an action required to complete a repair service online. Our service will also send you a notification to remind at the completion of a service or package.

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