What we do

Get onsite computer repair in Texas right away through our computer support. Fix My Computer Dude ends your search for repair service for your PC and laptop. Irrespective of the brand our experts will look into all the PC problems. We provide our customers a wide range of services to help you and you business get most out of your computer. We specialize in providing our services over phone. Our team of friendly support advisor will listen to your problem and come up with the most appropriate solution for it.

Our highly knowledgeable support advisor will help you determine and resolve your problem irrespective of the fact weather it’s your personal computer or a full office setup trouble. We guarantee to offer you a specialized service at best price.

Our certified experts can assists you if and when you computer experiences boot problems or blue screen error. With the help of our access service we manage to control the entire process of PC problem resolution. With the help of our computer repair and maintenance service you can quickly get back to using your computer uninterruptedly. We provide full warranty and out-of-warranty hardware and software repairs on various computer brands.

Below mentioned are the pc repair services cater specific technical support needs of the clients.


    Resolving issues and repairs the functionality of your devices like

  • Address performance problems (PC Slow)
  • Repair crashed systems
  • Resolve application ‘error’ messages
  • Set up a new system
  • Setup or restore email account and settings
  • Resolve problems with printers
  • Other hardware


    Ensure ongoing optimal speed and performance which is nothing but maintenance

  • Remove all malicious items
  • Protection software
  • Clean and optimize PC registries
  • Setup a new system
  • Remove temporary files
  • Resolve system instabilities
  • Periodic maintenance

C)Diagnosis and Repair

    We help you with the following

  • Slow start up
  • Application crashes
  • Virus attacks
  • Email problems
  • Computer crashes
  • Blue screen
  • Error messages

And for PC slow, Internet issues for 1 time instant fix you can always reach us on 1-888-342-4110
These featured plans are named as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Business Plan 1 and Business Plan 2.