• Fixes

    Resolve issues and repair functionality

    • Address performance problems (PC slow)
    • Repair crashed systems
    • Resolve application ‘error’ messages
    • Set up a new system
    • Setup or restore email account and settings
    • Resolve problems with printers
    • Other hardware

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  • Maintenance

    Ensure ongoing optimal speed and performance

    • Remove all malicious items
    • Protection software
    • Clean and optimize PC registries
    • Set up a new system
    • Remove temporary files
    • Resolve system instabilities
    • Periodic maintenance

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  • Diagnosis & Repair

    We help you with the following

    • Slow Start Up
    • Application Crashes
    • Virus Attacks
    • Email Problems
    • Computer Crashes
    • Blue Screen
    • Error Messages

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Featured Plans

  • Platinum

    • 2 years unlimited fixes & maintenance
    • 1 Device
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  • Gold

    • 1 year unlimited fixes & maintenance
    • 1 Device
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  • Silver

    • 6 month unlimited fixes & maintenance
    • 1 Device
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Dedicated Solutions for Your Business

Since 2010, Fix My Computer Dude has been successfully diagnosing, repairing, solving, and giving support for problematic devices of customers. “Fix My Computer Dude” exceedingly goes above and beyond for your businesses by having dedicated solutions for all devices, fixes, support, maintenance, and repairs with CCP’s. All CCP’s customer centric plans are designed specifically for customers to resolve their device issues at any point in time by providing the robust technologies and highly recommended remote access services. This remote access service is provided to give a real time customer service experience. The experts at FMCD are highly qualified technicians upon whom our customers rely for the device fixes, support, maintenance and repairs. These support services are mainly focused on four parameters: Fixes, Maintenance, Diagnosis and Repair. While dealing from these parameters our expert technicians are always focused on requirements of customers and decide strategies to provide trouble free services all the time. To anyone and any businesses– whether they want to setup networks, virus free protection for large data, periodic maintenance, repairs of any system crashes, clean up and optimization of computers, printers, restoration of email accounts and settings, application crashes and other hardware issues– we ensure 100% support for such issues and deliver the best solutions to them and their businesses. Techniques of troubleshooting devices, applications, hardware, virus attacks keep changing with the advancement of technology arriving all the time. To cope with threats to the newest technology every year we build up strong technology upgrade cycles in the organization which enables our staff to enhance their technical knowledge and gain mastery over technology by attending advanced level technical training and receiving their respective certifications. By doing so FMCD staff always stays one step ahead in solving customer issues with ease, so our customers can rely on our expert advice and suggestions in solving critical technical troubles to their satisfaction. Our staff customarily lets customers know the insights of subject matters with detailed explanations about their hardware, network, internet, operating system, viruses, applications, software, maintenance, data security, devices and other technical issues. Once our technical experts are aligned and geared up to solve issues of customers over the phone or by taking remote access of customer’s desktop, laptop and any other knotty, devices, our customer agents always help and provide a resolution. In the process of resolving customer issues FMCD breaks all the barriers of troubleshooting devices, and complexities of maintenance and repairs for the same. When it comes to technical devices we have thorough expertise in handling such devices and giving technical support for every type of cumbersome issues related to hardware, software, viruses, and functionalities of such devices and so on.

To avail yourself of the plan which best suits your needs, or those of your organization, browse through our best value plans in the “plans and pricing” category in our services page (Pricing Options). FMCD is always super flexible in helping customers by following 24×7 customer support clock routine. “It’s never too late to try out FMCD services, enjoy our best customer service experience by fixing your issues in the first place.”

  • Supported OS

    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows 2008
    • Linux( Email Support )
    • Solaris (Email Support)
  • Supported Browser

    • Internet Explorer 6x or later
    • Mozilla Firefox 2x or later
    • Google Chrome
  • What Clients Say